UNIT3-The steps of applying wikis for writing class


Objectives for this Unit

  • Generate a class wikis page for the writing class and post the helpful information and resources on the page
  • Get to know the procedures of applying wikis for the writing class
  • Analyze the lesson plan

Why are wikis good for writing class?

Now we are in the 21st century, students get more chance to get touch with the Internet. Most students have access to Internet and feel comfortable in a Internet environment. The teaching of writing should advance with the times. Lyndsay Grant said in Wikis In School that Wikis are one way in which technology can help groups come together to share and create new knowledge and so may be a useful way of learning skills important to participation in a knowledge economy.As a tool for collaborative practice in written content as well as in the negotiation of technical and design aspects,wikis also have open many options for students.(Lyndsay Grant.Wikis in School.2006.5) Wikis offer students great learning potential for students not only inside but also outside the classroom. And specifically, in the wikis environment, students can share their writing work with their classmates even friends so that they can help each other. Students learn the class and do the writing work in a open environment instead of finishing writing alone. The participation of the class do not happen in the classroom any more because students can join in the discussion online on the Discussion Area. The learning activity of this writing class would not be limit in time and space like it did in traditional teaching.


Imagine that we are in a classroom for a writing class and teacher in this class would teach students how to write a character in one class.

  • Please click the link [[1]] to the homepage for the writing class and then students could choose the topic they want to write.
  • At first,teacher could give some oral suggestions to students about how to write a character in the class, such as how to describe the facial features of the character, or show some model writings to students(On the wikis page of this writing class)to give students general ideas about the writing.The content of the class is also be shown in the wikis page so that students can see the process flow diagram,or description of the writing progress. Then in the home wikispage of the class, students can post their questions about the class.Students can also answer the questions and provide some solutions to the questions on the page by their wills.
  • Students post their writing work on the wikis page of the class, and they can make some edition and comments on each other's work. They can leave their questions about the writing or edition made by others in the discussion area.
  • Teach and students can talk about the questions post in the Discussion Area face to face or totally online(on the wikis page).
  • Students can have their own wikis page besides the access to home wikis pages for this class, so students can post their daily new ideas about the writing in their own wikis page or the class homepage instead of being limit in learning for finishing homework.


In this unit,we know that how to apply wikis for the writing class and create the integration of writing class teaching and wikis online environment. Do you think it is useful for your teaching? Do you think if there is a better idea for applying wikis for writing class? Please post your ideas in Discussion Area

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