UNIT1-Some features of wikis


Learning objectives for this unit

  • Classify and understand the features of wikis.
  • Understand why the wikis could better serve for education.


As recently as ten years ago, it may have seemed like science fiction to imagine collaborative spaces on theInternet. Today, collaborative websites have proliferated: blogs (Blogger), social networking (Facebook orMySpace), image sharing (Flickr and PhotoBucket), video sharing (You-Tube and TeacherTube), open educational resources (OpenCourseWare),and popularity websites (Digg and del.icio.us). Another type is called wiki, wiki, a short form of the Hawaiian word “wiki wiki,” for “fast” or “quick.” It is online computer programming that allows users to easily create, edit, link, and track changes to web pages. Wikis are increasingly used by businesses to provide affordable, effective intranets for knowledge management(Wiki, 2001) and by educators to promote student collaborative learning(Richardson, 2006), through such sites as Wikispace(http://www.wikispaces.com), Peanut Butter Matrix(http://pbwiki.com), and SeedWiki(http://www.seedwiki.com).

Due to Wikipedia’s great success and despite the possible risks, the capabilities of the wiki principle were quickly discovered for educational purposes(Utilizing Wiki-Systems in higher education classes: a chance for universal access? Univ Access Inf Soc (2008) 7:199–207)

What Is So Good About wikis?

  • Support of Reputation Development
  • Clear Procedures of Management and Discipline
  • Defined and Followed User Responsibilities
  • Content: Knowledge Creation and Decision Making
  • Group Attributes
  • Effective Wiki Design
  • Training/Convincing People

Compared to the traditional writing class, in which teacher stand in front of the blackboard with a chalk in hand, in the wikis environment writing class, students will get more freedom to write and learn from their peers to get new insights, not just simply follow the teacher's direction how to write. Additionally, students nowadays have familiar with the Internet, so study writing with Internet would comfortable for them. Wikis represent a particular type of collaborative learning environment where collaboration can result in aggregated, collective products.( Lund, Andreas. 2008),it will provide students a new knowledge sharing environment in which individuals could influence each other and group work could be done.


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