Topic 3--Lesson II--What Is Going to be in Your Story?


In this part of the unit we will focus on what exactly is going to be in your story. You are going to use the following template to help you lay out your storyboard and what you want to focus on in your story. You are going to look at the big picture, remember thinking back to our video in lesson I, what did they start with first? You are going to choose 2 or 3 big ideas that will form your story. Remember to keep your story clear, concise, and compelling. Too much information will take away what you are trying to convey.


Topic 3 Assignment 2


  • File:Threebigideas.pdf Click on the link and think of three big ideas that you will have for your story
  • Watch Heroes What's your message?
  • Post your three big ideas to the [Todays Meet] discussion.
  • Help your classmates with giving feedback on their ideas, what is good about them? What might they need to fix on their messages click the "Topic 3--Creating the Storyboard" link. Then from the Topic 3 main page, click Lesson II to return to this page.

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