The Zones of Regulation in the Elementary Classroom and Beyond


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Overview and Purpose

We have all had that one student in our classroom that is a "behavior problem." We take data on them, speak with other staff member and try interventions. Or, we simply send them to the office. Self regulation is a huge component and challenge for young learners. When they begin to feel that range or frustration from an assignment, how do they bring their body back to baseline without the help of an adult and without receiving a consequence? The Zones of Regulation is a social emotional tool that helps to teach students how to self regulate. This course is meant to teach you usable classroom strategies that will help you most challenging learning no longer be a challenge.

Needs Assessment

  • Social Emotional Learning is an integral need in the classroom, especially considering the impacts of a pandemic.
  • This is a course designated for future educators or current educators and is best used in the k-6 classroom.
  • The information gathered in this course can be used in both the special education and general education setting, but in most beneficial for students struggling to manage behaviors and emotions.
  • Implementing social emotional learning into the classroom is a choice. This course gives you the tools and informations needed to do so.

Performance-Based Objectives

  • Instructors will demonstrate an understanding of the Zones of Regulation, by matching emotions to each zone.
  • Instructors will classify feelings, by identifying and explaining examples of different feelings.
  • Instructors will match coping skills to each zone and explain how to teach (1) coping skill.
  • Instructors will create a resource for parents/guardians detailing how the zones can be used at home.

Course Units

Unit 1: What are The Zones of Regulation?

• Instructors will define The Zones of Regulation.

• Instructors will identify the four Zones with the overarching theme for each zone.

Unit 2: What are different ways to help students identify their feelings in the classroom?

• Instructors will identify different emotions and a strategy to teach that emotion to a learner.

•Instructors will decide and implement a teaching strategy to help students identify their own emotions.

Unit 3:What are coping skills and how do you teach them to students?

•Instructors will define and identify coping skills.

•Instructors will decide to implement a teaching strategy for a coping skill.

Unit 4: How can parents/guardians use the Zones of Regulation at home?

• Instructors will identify a list of strategies/supports using the Zones of Regulation at home.

•Instructors will create a resource for parents/guardians that will help them use the Zones of Regulation at home.

Extended Resources

Links to help you implement social emotional learning in your classroom.

Two websites I have used in my own classroom:

I shared the video on this page with the families I work with: