Talk:Randy Williams


Instructor comments on your units -- Jz833665 21:09, 9 May 2012 (EDT)

Randy, I'm very pleased to see the mini-course you've created, which looks informative, helpful, and well designed. Nice work. As you can see, I've created a front page for you, named using your course title and linked to your personal portfolio page. E-Portfolios for Health Education Please look at it and refine it as needed. To facilitate navigation I've also added a link to your course homepage in the end of each unit.

A few more things you may do to refine your mini-course:

  • To facilitate understanding, add one or two examples of e-portfolios used by health educators in beginning of your unit 1.
  • Clarify why you mention NYS standards. How are these related to e-portfolios?
  • It is mentioned in the course overview that you will introduce what educational activities can be conducted using e-portfolios, but I haven't seen such activities in your units. You may add a section in your first or last unit about how e-portfolios will be used by students and teachers to support effective learning (and assessment) in the health classroom.