Randy Williams


Course Title – E-Portfolios for Health Education

Instructional Goal

Electronic Portfolios represents 21st century skills in education. They can be used to accumulate information that can be shared with multiple people. Google sites will be used in this mini-lesson to create a basic E-portfolio for high school Health Education students. Ideas for additional activities using these e-portfolios will also be addressed. .

Needs Assessment/Learner Analysis

The Problem:

Twenty first century learning skills includes technology and many Health Educators are not as technology savvy as they should be in their classrooms. Tools such as electronic portfolios and Google sites can improve instruction and involve students in rich learning of the content taught in Health Education. E-portfolios through Google sites allow the students to maintain, create, and collaborate with resources related to Health Education. The student’s Google sites are paperless and considered part of the environmentally friendly green movement. They save schools money on printing costs and provide a means to maintain Health Education content for future reference. Many teachers are unaware of the benefits and ease of using these tools.

Information Gathered:

After presenting at a workshop to Health Education teachers at a New York State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NYSAHPERD) conference, the participants completed a short evaluation. The presentation was evaluated by twelve of the attendees. None of the participants had used E-portfolios and stated that they were unaware of how easy it was to create and use these sites. Suggestions also included a request for additional instruction in ways that the technology could be applied within existing Health curriculum.

Performance Objectives

By the end of the course high school Health teachers will be able to:

  • State three reasons for creating an E-portfolio.
  • Create an E-portfolio with a Google site incorporating the New York State Learning Standards for Health Education.
  • Design a lesson plan to have students to create their own E-portfolio sites through Google.

Task Analysis


Teachers will need

  • a valid email account and to know its address.
  • computer access with a reliable, relatively fast-speed internet connection
  • skills commensurate with basic computing such as keyboarding

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to state three advantages of an e-portfolio and how they can be used to accumulate content corresponding to the New York State standards for Health Education.
  • Participants will be able to list three reasons why Google sites are an appropriate format for an E-Portfolio.
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate and instruct their students on how to set up a Google site for their Health Education E-portfolio.

Unit 1: What is an E-Portfolio?

Unit 2: Why A Google-Site based E-portfolio for the high school Health student?

Unit 3: How to Create a Google site.

Additional Resources & Suggestions for Health Teachers

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