Talk:Making Math Accessible

Eleanor's feedback 23:00, 7 May 2014

Will, I really like the topic of your mini-course. I was worried some of my past Math anxieties would haunt me, but dove in anyway! I wondered if any trouble shooting strategies would be similar for Math learning vs. language learning with regard to anxieties. Yes: Transferring/connecting-abstract to concrete...

What I like:

  • clear examples to illustrate points
  • visualization challenge
  • segment on misconception v. mistake
  • Lesson 2 Venn Diagram (graph-gram(?))--> Valuable teacher and student tool
  • how you made great use of your right margin with text to read, interesting facts etc.
  • video: I wouldn't have thought of pool/billiards and darts for Math lesson and fun

Next time you might consider:

  • somehow condensing Lesson 2 sections; ie. for further study/reading: although different topics they may easily combine into one section
  • bolding fonts by section or setting them apart by a different color font
  • including more graphics/images