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Needs Assessment feedback -- Dbyrne (talk) 18:21, 11 October 2014 (EDT) -- Dbyrne (talk) 18:21, 11 October 2014 (EDT)

Hi Elizabeth,

Excellent leg-work and survey-based research for the needs assessment. One main piece of feedback: via your survey, you created a strong rationale for the selection and inclusion of Edmodo. You provide a good learner-centered perspective, in this case the learners being professional educators. But be sure to include why you chose the "Flipped Classroom" paradigm. Is it already in place at your school? If not, it sounds like your course has two main objectives...teaching about flipping the classroom and teaching Edmodo as a mode to deliver that instruction. What are the benefits of both to the ultimate learner (the students in their classes)?

(One last thought...I teach Edmodo courses, so I know it well but as I'm writing I am also thinking that you can point out in the needs assessment Edmodo's capabilities and how they connect to your target audience's needs)

Great work so far...I'm excited to see the next steps.


Next round of feedback -- Dbyrne (talk) 10:52, 3 November 2014 (EST)

Hi Elizabeth,

Your analysis of the learner is excellent. I think you can take the guiding questions out or just turn them into headings for your analysis.

I'm giving the same feedback to basically everyone, but take another stab at the learning objectives, which to be really solid will follow the ABCD model in the ID book, p. 119. Trust me on this..when you break down each objective into the basic four parts in the model, you will essentially have the materials, activities, assessment all mapped out. It then makes it so much easier to visualize for your curriculum map and as you're building each section of your mini-course.

I think the course overall is looking great. Here are some comments about the sequence of the activities:

-Consider discussing flipped classroom first, then Edmodo. Flipped classroom is the pedagogical framework for teaching, while Edmodo is the technology tool to support that framework. I know you are using this for a real PD session on Edmodo in your you will have to be the final judge about your audience. So this would essentially mean switching sections 2 and 3.

-I would also consider switching the sequence of 2-IV and 2-V--- I think the brief quiz serves as a self-assessment (or a tool for you as well) prior to being able to then build a unit in Edmodo.

Very good work so far! Deb