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My topic is going to be "the Flipped Classroom" using Edmodo. Learners will understand what a flipped classroom is, what Edmodo is, how to flip their classroom using Edmodo, what the benefits are for the teacher, and what the benefits are for the learner.

Needs Assessment


As educators bridge into the newest set of standards for this generation of students, teachers need a vehicle for communicating new ways of teaching and learning that fall into the Common Core State Standards and Skills for 21st Century Learning. We all know that today's educational buzz word is technology. How are we using it? Are we using it for the sake of incorporating it? Or are we incorporating technology as a way of implementing the newest standards while challenging teaching and learning?

If we are to begin looking at implementation of a way to use new technology and shift student responsibility, than it makes sense to begin looking at Flipped Learning, "...a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space..." (FLN, 2014).

After surveying the English Language Arts Department at the high school I work at, I determined that there was a large demand for incorporating new and meaningful way of using technology and shifting learning responsibilities to meet the demand of the newest standards for teaching, in our case Danielson. I came to the conclusion that the free, on-line classroom module, Edmodo, would meet these demands. The surveyors demanded the following:

-technology students could access from several different modes: smart phone, tablet, desktop, laptop.

-technology of no cost that would work with the existing technology teachers had

-technology that would self-assess students

-technology that would not require more work than necessary

-technology that had the capability of sharing progress with Edmodo

What is to be learned

Educators will learn what flipped learning is, what Edmodo is, how to use Edmodo, benefits of Edmodo for the student, and benefits of Edmodo for the teacher.


Instruction in this module will be designed for educators and growing professionals in the field to expand their repertoire of instructional practices. Educators using Edmodo can span elementary, secondary and higher ed classrooms.

Instructional Context

Learners will need regular access to the Internet and a computer, tablet, or smartphone (Android or IOS). The regular use of http://www.edomodo.com will be necessary, and/or the app for Android or Apple IOS. Learners can be stationary or on the go as they progress through the module. Learners will have access to course readings, short videos, labeled graphics, and self-led activities.

Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™ Retrieved from http://flippedlearning.org/cms/lib07/VA01923112/Centricity/Domain/46/FLIP_handout_FNL_Web.pdf.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

-Confirm the identity of your target learner(s); are their several different groups? Which is the primary? My learners are school teachers. They may be instructors at the elementary or secondary levels. They may teach in a public or private school.

-What do you need to know about your learners? I need to know what access my learners have to the Internet and computers, laptops, or mobile devices. I need to know their level of digital literacies. I also need to know their goals for using Edmodo.

-Locate the desired data or identify/design tools to collect it. I based my learner analysis on teachers in my English Department. They completed a paper survey about how familiar they were with online classes, flipped learning, their need to incorporate flipped learning, and their need to take part of their classes online.

-Collect and analyze the data to produce a learner profile. My learners have a wide range of access to the Internet. They want to know more about flipped learning and feel it is a necessary part of learning 21st Century Skills. Most are familiar with online classes because they have taken them before. They acknowledge that their students would have a positive interest in completing their classwork and homework online.

-Verify the learner profile and determine how it will impact the design I verified my learner profiles by providing a sample professional development session to my colleagues. I determined the flaws in my design and the strengths of my design by doing this. I will use this data to improve my mini-course. I discovered that my learners could go through the course, but because of all the steps they needed a place of reference to return to. Therefor, I decided to include videos and graphics to reinforce my learners understanding of the course.

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives Learners will identify the four pillars of flipped learning in an open-ended response.

Learners will evaluate how they are and are not already using flipped learning in the classroom by using a checklist.

Learners will describe the benefits of Edmodo for their students by generating two ways their students will benefit from using Edmodo in a discussion forum.

Learners will describe the benefits of Edmodo for their practice by generating two benefits in a discussion forum.

Learners will develop a lesson plan using Edmodo and the four pillars of flipped learning in their content area by completing a lesson plan template.

Learners will create an Edmodo space employing the four pillars of flipped learning by creating an account and creating a class.

REVISED Course-level objectives

Unit One

  • Given an article about Flipped Learning, learners will be able to describe and identify the definition of flipped learning and the four pillars of flipped learning by reading and composing a synthesis response that is one paragraph in length.
  • Given a video about Setting Up a Flipped Learning, learners will be able to view the video, take notes, and generate a list of five additional ways teachers can flip the classroom.

Unit Two

  • Given a PowerPoint presentation, learners will be able to identify main features of the Edmodo environment, take notes, and compose a paragraph stating how these features are applicable in their classroom.
  • Given an instructional video and task sheet, learners will be able to build a unit on Edmodo by creating a folder including an assignment, video or web link, and uploaded direction sheet.
  • Given a video, Flipping Your Classroom with Edmodo, learners will be able generate a list of three ways Edmodo facilitates flipping.

Unit Three

  • Given a blog article, learners will be able to determine the benefits of using Edmodo for flipping their classroom by reading and taking a short quiz.

Task Analysis

1. Define flipped learning and pillars of flipped learning.

  • Read provided materials and links. article and watch video.
  • Complete mini quiz.
  • Write a one paragraph synthesis response and submit on Edmodo.
  • Respond to the prompt and list five ways to flip the classroom.
  • Respond to at least one other post.

2. Describe the web environment Edmodo and how it is used in flipping.

  • Link to Edmodo
  • View Edmodo PowerPoint.
  • Create an Edmodo account.
  • Build a unit on Edmodo by creating a folder, assignments, quiz, and discussions.
  • Complete an open-ended question.
  • List three functions of Edmodo for flipping in your classroom.

3. Learn about the benefits of Edmodo and flipped learning for students and teachers.

  • Read a blog.
  • Take a quiz.

Curriculum Map

Please see the attached file. File:Edmodo Curriculum Map.pdf

References and Resources

Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™ Retrieved from http://flippedlearning.org/cms/lib07/VA01923112/Centricity/Domain/46/FLIP_handout_FNL_Web.pdf.

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