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WIKI Course: Web-based Inquiry Learning with WebQuests

  • Case Based study of Using Job Portfolio Webquest in Workforce Development Programs
  • Analyses of Instructional Context
  • Objectives
  • Webquest Design- I have preliminary design of Webquest for Job Portfolio that has not been used in my classroom
  • Implementation process
  • Observations
  • Reflections

Student Analysis of Case Study

  • Students are adult learners in Medical Billing and Front Desk Specialist Certificate Programs
  • Learners are displaced homemakers, unemployed adults due to industry closings or relocations, physically disabled or other disabilities requiring training for new occupations.
  • Students have minimal or no electronic technology education or experience

Learner Analysis

  • Instructors of Adult education or professional development
  • Have limited knowledge of instructional technology
  • Desire to incorporate inquiry based learning in the classroom

Performance Objectives

After completing this course the learners should be able to:

  • Identify educational goals in your context for using the Internet for Inquiry based learning
  • Choose topic related websites and evaluate resources to use in a Webquest
  • Generate a WebQuest design for your context
  • Develop plan to implement Webquest learning in the classroom

Curriculum Map

Attaching Microsoft Word Document: File:Wikiwebquestmap.doc


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