Strategies for Setting Up and Solving Linear Word Problems


Designed by Missy Dennis



With the change to Common Core in mathematics instruction, learners need to be able to solve word problems. This skill will be used not only throughout high school but also in college and the work force. More attention is being placed upon workers being able to solve problems in their jobs and this is why it is so important that learners have this important skill of solving word problems.

Performance Objectives

1. Why Do Learners Struggle With Solving Mathematical Word Problems?

2. The Importance Of Learners Reading For Understanding.

3. Strategies That Can Be Used To Set Up and Solve Mathematical Word Problems.

Course Units

Unit 1: Why do learners struggle with setting up and solving mathematical word problems?

Unit 2: The Importance of Reading for Understanding.

Unit 3: Strategies That Can Be Used In The Classroom To Solve Linear Word Problems.


Now that you have completed this mini-course, hopefully you have learned some strategies that as an educator you can use in your classroom. Please use the discussion page to communicate with other educators about ideas you may have.

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