Social Networking IN the classroom


Unit 2 Objectives

Determine ways for Facebook/Twitter to be used inside the classroom as a teaching tool

Determine ways for Facebook/Twitter to be used inside of the classroom as a resource for students


Beginning Activity

This unit is about Facebook and Twitter inside of the classroom. Go to your school and classroom and complete the sheet below. Submit it by email to the professor.

These questions will make sure you are able to use the Social Networking sites in your classroom/school

File:Social Networking Inside the Classroom Checklist.pdf

Unit 2 Reading

The following readings, give examples and ways the two Social Networking sites can be used inside of the classroom. They are great resources if you are stuck and need an idea or if you are just starting off using one of the site in your classroom. Reading these will help us get our minds moving and really thinking about activities.

100 Ways to use Facebook

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Facebook for Educators (Sections 5,6,7 and any other section you wish)

       *If it does not open from this page, just copy and paste into web bar.

Reading Activity

After Reading both 50/100 Ways articles pick which Social Networking Site you would like to focus on. In the Graphic Organizer attached, You will be ranking the top three Ways, in which you will try and use in your classroom. You will then explain why you chose them in the order in which you chose them. The top being the best way to integrate the Social Networking. There are 3 spots, so think carefully.

When Ranking think about this...

  • Will I actually use it in this way or for that reason?
  • Will I be able to use it in this way or that reason with the resources I have?
  • Is this way or reason appropriate for the age group I teach?
  • Will this way or reason add to my lesson/classroom?

File:Ranking of Reasons.pdf


When finished with the readings and the Graphic Organizer, answer these questions and post them to the Discussion Page.

These are just for self reflection.

For both Twitter and Facebook, what should an educator do to utilize these platforms in the classroom?

Why do you think your students would enjoy Social Networking in to the classroom?

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