Second Unit - Digestive System


Digestive Enzymes


Target Objective

To understand the physiological function of the digestives enzymes.

Unit Two Objectives

  • The learner will be able to identify the main digestive enzymes secreted by the organs.
  • The learner should discuss what action the enzyme carries out in the digestive process.
  • Collaborates in a group to formulate a lab experiment that tests the action of a digestive enzyme on a macromolecule.
  • Presents the results of lab experiment.

Unit One Digestive System


In this unit you will be focusing on learning and exploring more about the digestive enzymes. Also I would like you to focus on using different types of learning styles like self learning and project based learning.

  • Follow these steps to help your learning process:
      1. – Start with a question or problem to be solved
      2. – Explore by using situated inquire
      3. – All community members engage in activities to find solutions
      4. – Collaborate with group members to gain a larger base of knowledge.
      5. – Create a set of tangible results that address the question.


Visit the following links and do your own research to learn more about the digestive enzymes. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Group Activity

Group Project You will be divided into groups of 4. Your assignment is to create and perform an experiment that involves one of the digestive enzymes you have learned about. You will have 2 weeks to complete it along with a presentation for the entire class on your process, success, obstacles, and results. Your first step is to formulate a question you want to prove along with the methods you will be using to answer the question and present it to the instructor for approval. After that you will need to research and perform experiments in the lab to find the answer to your question. You will be graded see the attached presentation rubric. Make sure you include all experiments preformed and their results in your presentation. File:PresentationRubric.pdf


You are ready for unit 3 Third Unit - Digestive System