Third Unit - Digestive System


Collaborative Learning


Target Objective

Demonstrates learning through collaborative and self-learning processes.

Unit Three Objectives

  • The learner will demonstrate knowledge was gained throught different learning styles.
  • The learner will be able to generate a progress plan discribing how knowledge was learned.
  • The learner will realize the benefits of different learning styles.

Unit One Digestive System

Lecture on Assignment

This unit is designed for you the learner to observe and share how self learning and collaborative learning has been effective in fostering knowledge. Your assignment is to participate in a discussion board. Initially you will post a minimum of 1 page reflection on what you have learned in units one and two and how self learning and collaborative learning took place. Some other questions to consider are: Do you feel this type of learning have induced a deeper understanding? Why or Why not? What are the benefits you realized from it? What are the obstacle and how could they be prevented? After your initial post you will need to respond to at least 3 other classmates with your thoughts and ideas.



Lastly, after the completion of this unit you will take this test to determine the knowledge you gained and the effeteness of the new learning process. File:Digestive System Test.pdf