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Statement of Intent

Middle school students will using internet sources, be able to align themselves with a career and understand where to learn the facts about it. By doing so they will learn the path they need to follow in the future to reach their goals.

Needs Assessment

The Instructional Problem

Middle school students need to be ready for the world outside of school in regards to the career planning. Career planning is being able to reflect on one's own strengths and weaknesses in relation to job demands and educational opportunities.

About the learners

This course is designed for grades seven or eight. They have done little in the field of occupations. They bring with them the ability to think critically about what they would like to do in the future, though no real background of how realistic that may be or how to get there.

Instructional Context

Each student will have access to a computer with internet capabilities, and Microsoft publisher. They will also have access to textbook use in the school library.

Instructional Content

  • What is a skill?
  • What is an aptitude?
  • How do these ideas affect our job choice?
  • How do you fill out a job application?
  • What to do to prepare for an interview?
  • Where to find information on a career?

Performance Objectives

Upon completion of this course learners will have a better understanding of the following:

  • Explain how interesets, aptitudes, and skills influence career choices.
  • Give strategies for applying and interviewing for a job
  • List education possibilities for getting a job

Course-Level Map

Map2-copy.jpg Map1-copy.jpg


[1] New York Career Zone

[2] Career Cruising

[3] Occupational Outlook Handbook

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