Rachel Demarais: Using SMART Board in an ELA Classroom


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Welcome to the course!

Are you an ELA teacher in an Elementary School? If yes, then you are in the right place! Maybe you are a first year teacher and you seem a bit overwhelmed with all the new technology and tools that are being asked of you to use. Or maybe, you are a veteran teacher who needs help learning how to use the new and improved SMART technologies placed in your classroom. Perhaps you are neither of those teachers, but just want to learn about the SMART Board and all of its wonderful components. No matter what type of teacher you are, this course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of SMART technologies, specifically in an ELA class, and the ways these tools can make learning not only more fun for the students, but, for you as well!


  1. You will need to know how to use basic internet programs, such as Google, Internet Explorer, etc.
  2. You should be familiar with what the SMART Board (Notebook) is. If you don't have any SMART technologies available, I recommend you download a free trial to use on your computer: https://education.smarttech.com/products/notebook/download#trial
  3. You should have a deep understanding and knowledge of teaching ELA

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to navigate basic SMART features
  • Be able to create ELA lessons using SMART lab
  • Gauge student understanding using SMART amp

Course Units

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UNIT 1: Functions of a SMART Board

Course Objectives:

  • Locate the tools to create ELA lessons
  • Understand how to change backgrounds and layouts for the lessons
  • Navigate through the SMART Board’s functions and features with ease

UNIT 2: Creating ELA Lessons/Screenshotting

Course Objectives:

  • Screenshot important documents, activities, information used to create ELA lessons
  • Create a lesson using the SMART Notebook’ LAB

UNIT 3: Gauging Students

Course Objectives:

  • Allow students to submit work through their phones
  • Gauge student understanding using SMART amp

Moving Forward!