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Congratulations - you are on your way to helping your learners obtain the skills needed for succcessful self-directed learning. You are not only preparing them to succeed in your class but, more importantly, in the future!

J0236240.gifHow did your lesson go? What was the reaction of your students? How will you modify the lesson to enhance it?

J0236240.gifBased on your experience and what you learned in this mini-course, what additional information do you need? What support do you need to further integrate the needed skills into your lessons?

J0236240.gifBased on your responses to the above, please identify your action steps to get the information or support you need.

J0236240.gifFinally, please identify your commitment to furthering self-directed learning. Identify the three actions you will take within the next two months.

Thank you for participating in this mini-course. Good luck as you move forward.

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