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Remember, this is a self-assessment scale. There are no correct or incorrect answers. This scale will provide you with an insight as to your readiness to pursue a self-directed learning program.

The following information is presented in Williamson's article entitled "Development of a self-rating scale of self-directed learning.

If the score is between 60 – 140 the Level of Self-Directed Learning is Low. Learners in this level should seek guidance from the teacher. Any specific changes necessary for improvement must be identified and a possible re-structuring of the methods of learning identified.

If the score is between 141 – 220 the Level of Self-Directed Learning is Moderate This is half way to becoming a self-directed learner. Areas for improvement must be identified and evaluated, and a strategy adopted with teacher guidance when necessary.

If the score is between 221 – 300 the Level of Self-Directed Learning is High This indicates effective self-directed learning. The goal is to maintain progress by identifying strengths and methods for consolidation of the students’ effective self-directed learning.

J0236240.gifQuestions to Consider

1. Look at your total scores. What level do you fall in?

2. Look at the scores for each of the sections. Which section did you score highest in? Which section did you score lowest? What do you think you can do to improve your scores in this area? Prior to engaging in a self-directed learning program, what areas do you believe you need to strengthen?

3. Think about the major areas of the survey. What new insight have you gained concerning your understanding of the major aspects of self-directed learning? How do you currently address these areas in your classroom?

4. Now, think back to Napoleon Dynamite and Lois Lane. How well do you think they scored on this assessment? What areas do you think were their strengths? What about the areas that can be improved?

5. Now, consider the learners in your program. Do you feel that most of your learners are like Napoleon Dynamite or more like Lois Lane?

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