Outcomes for students of the teachers who created the college program


Objectives for Teachers in the Program

Learn how to connect with colleges in a way that will promote collaboration on the project.

Learn how to develop a program that adds to the overall goals of the school year.

Inspires their students to work towards gaining college admission.

Outcomes for Teachers who created the college program

For a teacher's program to be successful they must have they will have to create a program that has the learning outcomes where the middle school students will be to:

Understand, and help their parents understand the financial aid process

Identify the many types of college majors available.

Identify a possible college major.

Identify the type of HS course work that needs to be taken to be accepted to a college that has that major.

Understand the college admissions process.

Understand that college is accessible for them, even if they or their parents didn’t realize that.



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