My Mini Lesson with Cooperative Learning

What Will We do in this Lesson?

In this lesson, you are going to be creating your own mini lesson using a cooperative learning strategy. You have done all the learning to get to this point. If there are any areas where you are still unsure, take this time to review them. Utilize the information you have written in the google doc and the previous units to help you to create a mini lesson that utilizes one of the cooperative learning strategies we learned about.

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to create your own mini lesson using a cooperative learning strategy and describe how this lesson would work effectively in the classroom.

Where Will I Create My Mini Lesson

For ease and consistency, the mini lesson will be created in the google doc provided. You will have a template that you will fill out, which will help guide you towards creating your mini lesson.

Please note: this mini lesson does not have to be long. What we are trying to do here is utilize what you've learned throughout this course to create your own mini lesson using these strategies. All in all, your lesson should be related to your content area, so you are creating with your students or classroom in mind. This will help you to pick a learning strategy that you believe will work best with your students. You are free to choose any of the strategies that we have learned so far, and include why you picked the strategy you chose. Please include what you will do before starting the lesson, what you will be doing during the lesson, and what your students will be doing. Additionally, include how you will allow students to learn during this lesson, meaning, how will they receive the information they need to learn. Think about how students are going to be working together and what the classroom set up will be like. When you are finished, come back to this page and complete the final assessment.

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All set! Now what?

Congratulations! You have completed the mini course on Cooperative Learning in the K-12 classroom. This final unit served as a way for you to create your own lesson and put together everything that you have learned to demonstrate your knowledge. Now that we have finished this mini course, you should have the knowledge to incorporate these ideas into your classroom. You have one final assessment which will assess you on this course as a whole.

Unit 5 Assessment

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