Creating a Mini Lesson with Cooperative Learning

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In the last unit, we began putting our knowledge to the test by using what we have learned to critique a lesson, add our own input, and make changes. Throughout the course, you have been provided with knowledge regarding methods to effectively utilize cooperative learning, examples of cooperative learning strategies, and what you should to avoid the pitfalls to cooperative learning.

This is the final unit of the mini course and we are going to create our own mini lesson which utilizes cooperative learning. You will be thinking about what we learned in the previous units that can help lead to successful integration. Please relate the lesson to your content area, so you will be writing about a unit or topic you are comfortable with.

This unit is going to contain two "mini lessons." The mini lessons in this unit are going to be a bit different. The first lesson is going to be a review of what we have learned so far in this course. The second lesson is going to be where you create your own mini lesson, which will be done on a provided template on the shared google doc. At the end, you will have a final assessment which covers everything we have gone over. In essence, this unit is more of a review and a place for you to create your own lesson.

Why is This Unit Important?

This unit is important because it is bringing together all we have learned so far and asking you to create a lesson using all this knowledge. It is going to allow you a final review in regards to what we have learned, and will ask you to go through and review the notes/assignments you have created in the google doc. If you are struggling with creating a mini lesson, it may be necessary to do extra review and reteach yourself certain areas.

What Should I Learn by the End of This Unit?

As stated, Unit 5 has two mini lessons.

In the first lesson, we are going to review the major components of each lesson. This is so you are able to undergo a quick refresher on what we have learned throughout this mini course.

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In the second lesson, you are going to be creating your own mini lesson utilizing a cooperative learning strategy on a template provided on the google doc. You will be using what you have learned to create this lesson and determine what you will do to avoid pitfalls. Finally, you will have a final assessment regarding all you have learned!

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