Module 5: Reflective Assessment


Module Introduction

This module is all about you. How you will wrap up everything you have learned about yourself as a result of working through this mini-course, and where you will go from here. You have learned that you have specific and unique talents, preferences and intelligences that make the way that you learn and experience the world special to you. The way that you choose to proceed from here on out is where the difference will be made. You have the abilty and support to be able to be successful; all you need to do is put in the work to get there.

Tasks for this module:
1. Complete your final journal entry; reflecting on the strategies you have learned. Specifically address:
 a. How will your approach to your coursework change?
 b. What strategy do you think will be the most effective for you? Why?
 c. What will you do in the future to make sure that you utilize and refine your learning skills?
2. Complete your Personal Learning Plan

Activity 1: Journal 5

Putting it all together, what you have learned throughout this mini-course. This Journal entry will be an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning experience and look forward to what comes in the future. Complete File:MSSCSJournal5.pdf, and be prepared to discuss it with your advisor as you review your Personal Learning Plan portfolio.

Activity 2: Personal Learning Plan

You have been creating Personal Learning Plan entries throughout this mini course. It's time to review all these peices as a a whole and draw some conclusions about what this says about you and what you want to accomplish. Assemble your portfolio pieces:

  • Module 1: Results from your Jung Typeology Test
  • Module 1: Journal 1
  • Module 2: Your MI Snowflake
  • Module 2: Results from your VARK Inventory
  • Module 2: Learning Preferences Worksheet
  • Module 2: Journal 2
  • Module 3: SMART Goals (School, Career, Personal)
  • Module 3: Metacognitive Strategies Worksheet
  • Module 3: Journal 3
  • Module 4: Reading & Writing Strategies Worksheet
  • Module 4: Journal 4
  • Module 5: Journal 5 - Reflective Assessment

Meet with your advisor to discuss your progress and plan for future periodic review as you continue to grow as a learner under your own direction.

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