Module 4: Technology to Assess

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  • Given the desire to formally assess understanding of a specific topic, use technology to aid in the assessment process.


There are many different types of technology that can aid in Formative Assessment in any type of classroom. The trick is to find one that fits you and your teaching style best. There are some free websites online, as well as subscription based websites, that can aid you in both creating and analyzing the assessments. Below you will find just a few examples of technologies to aid in assessments, but I suggest following up in the Extra Resources section at the bottom of the page to discover more!



TI-Nspires are a newer type of graphing calculator being released by Texas Instruments. This is a great tool to implement quick formative assessments in a mathematics classroom if you are lucky enough to have a set. There is a communication feature which allows the educator to send different documents, polls, or problems to the students. The students can complete these and send them back for grading or reflection. While the students are working the teacher can project either one students screen onto a board, or have small thumbnails of each individual students work. They can be used to send a quick poll about that day's lesson and gauge what and how well the students have learned.

Google Forms

You may have connected that Module 2 had an entrance ticket as its introductory activity. Students did a warm up activity that provided feedback to indicate how well they understood the previous module's content. That was made through Google Forms. Watch this quick video on how to create an Entrance or Exit Ticket via Google Forms.

There are many different applications of Google Forms that can be used to give feedback. I would explore making one on your own!


Kahoot is a great interactive website where the students can take quick assessments through game style formats. The educator can create an assessment or find a pre-made one from a huge library of user generated assessments. See the following link for a Exit Ticket that I have used in the past (you may have to create a quick, FREE, account in order to access this), Kahoot Exit Ticket. It is a technology that students enjoy to do and creates a competitive atmosphere that motivates students to perform well.

Go Formative

Go Formative is a similar technology to Kahoot in that you can send user generated assessments to your students and compile all their responses in one place. Go Formative is less game-like than Kahoot and is done more individually. The great thing about Go Formative is you can use an already made resource, like a PDF, and import that and give a pre-made assessment completely online. If the students have touch screen capabilities, they may draw their answers, or use the typical multiple choice type questions. Educators can see student progress in real time as well and all of the results are itemized! See the following link for an example of an Entrance Ticket made for Precalculus students (you may have to create a quick, FREE, account in order to access this), Go Formative Entrance Ticket.

If you are really interesting in this program, please see this Go Formative Checklist! File:Go Formative Checklist.pdf


On your own, reflect about the following questions using the Discussion link at the top of the page:

  • What technology do you use to assess, if any, and how do you implement it within your classroom?


Formative Assessment is a great tool to use in a mathematics, or any, classroom! In a subject where so much of the material builds upon itself, it is crucially important that both the students and the educators understand how learning is developing. Formative Assessment helps gauge the level of understanding, but the next step is ACTION! What will you do if you find a low level of understanding? How can we teach our students to take what they have learned from the feedback and apply it to get better? These are the next steps after Formative Assessment is complete. Good luck!

Extra Resources

There are many different types of technology that aid in the use of formative assessments in the classroom. Take a look t the following link to explore some others. More Technology to use Formative Assessment