Module 3: Entrance and Exit Tickets

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  • Given a desired topic to assess, students will understand how to implement entrance/exit ticket to help assess student understanding.

Entrance/Exit Tickets

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Entrance and Exit Tickets are quick methods of Formative Assessments that allow for teachers to check for understanding on that days, or the previous days, lesson topics. Please read the following article from Edutopia about Exit Tickets and how they can be used within the classroom, Exit Tickets. The same principals apply for Entrance Tickets, just that they occur in the beginning of class usually assessing the previous day's lesson.


If you are currently a teacher, pick a topic or objective that you have covered recently. If you are not currently a teacher, choose any topic or objective you would like. Create one or two problem(s)/question(s) that you feel that the students should be able to answer if they truly understood the topic or objective. This should be an activity students can finish in five minutes or less.


Share your topic and ideas from the Activity in the discussion section above. You do not need to explicitly write each problem out, but may describe them.

Next Lesson

Module 4: Technology to Assess: In the next lesson, explore different types of technology that can be used to help aid in formative assessment in your classroom!

Extra Resources

To read more into Entrance and Exit Tickets, or slips, follow this link! Entry and Exit Slips

Here is another great article about how useful Exit Tickets are! Exit Tickets