Mini-Course: How do planes fly?


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Welcome to this mini-course on the issues about how planes can fly. While going through this course, you will learn what the Bernoulli’s principle is and how it works on an airplane. While teaching students to apply the Bernoulli’s principle to explain the interesting phenomena in our daily life, I hope to arouse the students’ interest in science.

Target Audience

This course was designed for grade 5-6 students who are just becoming acquainted with the concept of force. Of course anyone who is curious about how planes can fly could be potential audience.

Goals of this course

Students will be able to:

--- conduct the warm-up activities and make generalizations;

--- describe how many forces a plane will take in the air: lift, thrust, drag, and weight;

--- understand what the Bernoulli’s principle is and how it works on an airplane;

--- apply Bernoulli’s principle to explain interesting phenomenon in our daily life.


---A basic knowledge of how to navigate around the internet.

---Basic knowledge of Force.

---The willingness to open your mind to the world and keeping curious about things that seems normal.

U26760521.jpgLesson One: What forces will take a plane in the air?

1. The students will demonstrate interest in the lesson;

2. The students will respond to questions demonstrating their own entry point of understanding;

U15239777.jpgLesson Two: What is the Bernoulli principle?

1. The students will conduct activities and make generalizations;

2. The students will share ideas and record observations;

3. The students will find the similarity between a flying airplane and a paper being blown on the top of it;

U19685010.jpgLesson Three: How does Bernoulli’s principle work on a plane?

1. The students will use Bernoulli’s principle to explain previous observations and findings;

2. The students will provide reasonable explanations to similar events or phenomena.