Lesson One: What is Guided Reading?


ETAP 623 Spring 2017 | Angela Esposito's Portfolio Page | Guided Reading Mini-Course

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Learning Objective

Learners will define guided reading based on their own prior experiences.

In this lesson, you will a complete a pre-assessment by way of google forms so as to inform the instructor on what you know about guided reading. Also, you will view what a typical guided reading lesson consists of by viewing a video on instruction. Additionally, you will define what guided reading is in your own terms.


Please complete the following pre-assessment. Simply click on the link below and fill out the form.


Activity 1

Step 1: View the video below by clicking the link. As you watch the video, think about your own experience when you learned how to read. How is it different or like your own experience?

[Guided Reading Example]

Step 2: Based on your thoughts while watching the video, create a web of what guided reading means to you. Use key words that come to mind when you think of your own experiences with guided reading. A mind map serves as way to visually organize information. Upon opening on link and going to the page, click on the link titled, "Create a Mind Map." Next, in the center bubble type, "Guided reading." Use the tool bar located at the top of the page to add bubbles.

Link to create web: [Mind Map]

'*'If the link does not work, try a different browzer. The link works best with google chrome.

Example web: alt text

Activity 2

In your own words, define guided reading based on your own experiences by clicking the link below:

[Guided Reading Definition]


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