Lesson 4: Using literacy strategies for post-learning or assessment


Target objectives:

The learners will:

  • Understand how literacy strategies can be used for post learning
  • Complete one literacy strategy for post learning
  • Create one literacy strategy for post learning
  • Compile completed literacy strategies into one lesson


Activity #1(Pre)

Science classroom.jpg

List 6 literacy Strategies that you have learned or know about

  • Give a brief description of how you would use them in the classroom
  • Post to the discussion tap at the top of the page

Activity #2(Mid)

Using the RAFT chart below

  • choose one role
  • complete the writing task
  • focusing on conveying your evidence to the target audience

Role Audience Format Topic
Student Yourself Dairy Entry Why you enjoy the literacy strategies in science
Parent General Public Newspaper Article The benefit to your children from using literacy strategies in science
Administrator School Board Letter Advocating the use of literacy strategies in all subject areas

Activity #3(Post)
1)Create your own Literacy Strategy for Post-learning or assessment

  • It should focus on getting students to preform a task with he information they have learned
  • Involves writing and thinking
  • It needs to relate to your two previously created literacy strategies

Hint: RAFTs and Tickets out the door are examples

2)Compile the three literacy strategies you created into one complete lesson


  • Chose one of the posts in the discussion board from activity one
  • Use three of their 6 literacy strategies
  • Describe how you would make a complete lesson with the three literacy strategies
  • Post your answer under the original post


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Lesson 4: Using literacy strategies for post-learning or assessment

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