Lesson 4.2: How to use SchoolShape to encourage self-correction

How can SchoolShape maximize students' time with writing assignments?

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Your assignment

SchoolShape in the Classroom

Materials you will need:

  • Teacher computer
  • Projector or SMARTBoard

Using the Cloud Writer function in class is an excellent way to correct common errors when writing and organizing sentences in the target language. One way to see where the class is struggling overall with syntax and grammar is to give the class sentences that you will type into the text box. Students will see the suggestion bar at the bottom and can rethink their answers if prompted with a suggestion. You can take this opportunity to explain why the suggestion is being made or why the answer supplied by the class is incorrect. A modification of this method might be to write sentences that are not 100% correct and have your students see if they can find and correct the mistakes.

SchoolShape in PBL and WebQuests

If you are interested in promoting peer revision, you can pair students to correct each other's writing and provide them with feedback before you look at it. Another possibility is to have small groups of students (3-4) work on a prompt together and send their response to another group so that multiple eyes are looking at the responses and giving their peers feedback.

Cloud Writer only requires the entry of an email address for reviewing the writing assignments- if you have contacts with teachers overseas or in other parts of the country, you can create pen pals for students to practice with other speakers of the target language. A pen pal in the country of the origin of the language might be able to explain some grammar points better because it is their native language.

SchoolShape in the Flipped Classroom

Assigning students a writing assignment over SchoolShape enables them to receive feedback at a faster time.

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