Unit 4: Using SchoolShape to Promote Self-Correction in Writing


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In the final unit of this mini-course, you will learn about SchoolShape, a broad platform that allows for teachers and students to connect in and out of school. The first lesson will focus on one part of the platform called Cloud Writer, which gives teachers the technology to provide individualized feedback on student writing assignments. The second lesson will discuss the ways that Cloud Writer and SchoolShape overall can be incorporated into meeting target language literacy in the foreign language classroom.

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Participants will be able to:

  • Provide students with more concentrated and individualized feedback on assignments with the assistance of the SchoolShape platform

Questions to consider

Before the lesson

SchoolShape has the quickest sign in for free accounts in comparison to ReadLang and PlayPosit- if your school/district does not pay for SchoolShape, you can still make a free account here by entering your email address.

NOTE: It is not necessary to pay for SchoolShape if you intend to use it with your students. SchoolShape, as with other educational platforms, offers packages for schools and universities that wish to connect everyone in their organizations.

When you are ready, you may proceed to Lesson 4.1: Introduction to SchoolShape

After the lesson