Lesson 3: Kami



Participants will identify and understand how Kami is a beneficial contribution to the transition and management of going paperless in the classroom.

Introduction to Lesson Three

"Kami is the leading PDF & document annotation app for schools. Improve engagement and interaction in the classroom with Kami as your digital pen and paper" (Kami) Throughout this lesson you will learn about the features of Kami and how to effectively use it in your classroom to create a paperless environment.

What is Kami?

Activity: Click the following links below to watch the video tutorials about the functions of Kami. If possible, practice using Kami on your own while watching the tutorials to deepen your understanding of the application.

Through this activity, you are able to visually see as well as hear step-by-step tutorials to deepen your learning. Rather than reading about how to utilize this function, you are able to see it being done so that you can familiarize yourself with it faster.

Explore Kami

Activity: Access Kami from your device and explore it for no more than 5 minutes. Post to the Google Classroom assignment titled "Initial Thoughts about Kami" (located under the lesson 3 section) about your findings and questions at this point. Through this activity, you are able to try Kami with just the information from the tutorials. With this, you are learning by doing and exploring. This is helpful to recognize any gaps in learning or any questions you may have that you want to clarify during this lesson.

How Kami Contributes to a Paperless Classroom

Activity: Click here to view an article that discusses the various benefits of Kami. Reflect on the following questions while reading. Post your responses to the Google Forum for Lesson 3 located in the Google Classroom for this course.

1. What do you think/feel when you think about 'going paperless' in your classroom?

2. Do you find yourself reluctant because of the initial effort that is required or because you feel incompetent with technology?

3. Name one pro & one con of using Kami.

4. After reading this article, has your opinion on a paperless classroom environment changed at all?

The Pros & Cons of Kami

Kami is an open ended tool with many possibilities; it is a versatile annotation tool helps users critically connect with content.


  • Easy to upload and share files
  • Promotes collaboration and a paperless classroom


  • Some features are awkward to use and will require practice
  • Limited use on mobile devices
  • The free version may frustrate some

Bottom Line: Kami is an effective way to promote student interaction with texts, authentic documents, and pictures.

(Rogowski, 2017).

Optional: Click here to access an article about Kami and see comments from other educators and what they are saying about it.

Revisit Kami

Activity: Revisit Kami again when you are finished with this lesson. Refer back to your original post on the lesson 3 "Initial Thoughts about Kami" and post a follow-up reflect on what you have learned or what may have changed. Begin this post with "Follow up:" so it is clear that you revisited Kami for a second time and are sharing your thoughts.

With this activity, you are able to see how far you have come and assess your own progress. If you are not yet confident, visit any of the resources on this page for clarification or post in the HELP! section on the Google Classroom page.


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