Lesson 1: What You'll Need To Participate



Given resources and video tutorials, participants will be able to acquire the tools necessary to course participation.

Introduction to Lesson One

Google Classroom is a free online service that was created by Google to be used by educators in schools. The aim of Google Classroom is to distribute, create, and grade assignments in a paperless nature. The service also facilitates the sharing of files between teachers and students. Kami is a PDF and document annotation and mark up tool that works with Google Classroom. This may seem like a big step for some educators who are used to a traditional pen and pencil classroom environment; this mini-course is intended for those educators who want to take the leap and transition to paperless classroom but need support and guidance.

What You'll Need

  • Device (i.e. laptop, computer, iPad, tablet)
  • Access to a web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Google Email address (Gmail address)
  • Kami extension added to your web browser
  • Access to our Google Classroom (see below)

How to Log In to Google Classroom

Activity: Please click the link below to watch a brief tutorial portraying how to log in to Google Classroom.

How to Add the "Kami" Extension to Your Web Browser

Activity: Please click the link below to watch a brief tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to add the Kami extension to your web browser.

Join the Google Classroom for this Mini-Course


Activity: From the Eyes of a Student

After you create (or log in) to your Gmail address, you are able to access Google Classroom from your personal account. Click here to practice joining a class. Refer to the tutorial video above for guidance if needed.

The class code is: 9at0i63

Use this code to join the Google Classroom that was created specifically for this course. You will be asked to access this periodically throughout the duration of the course to post and submit reflections, ask questions, as well as access the material that others post for further instruction or reference.

Keep in mind as you join the class that this is the view your students would have on their personal devices if you were prompting them to join your Google Classroom. You are joining the Google Classroom as a student. The view from an instructor's account differs a bit. We will further explore this in Lesson 4: Google Classroom.


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Lesson 3: Kami

Lesson 4: Google Classroom

Lesson 5: Conclusion & Wrap-Up

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