Lesson 3: How do you develop and nurture your own Growth Mindset?


Lesson 3: How do you develop and nurture your own Growth Mindset?

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Learners will categorize Growth Mindset examples when given a quiz and score three out of four or better.


This lesson will provide you with information you can use to develop your Growth Mindset.

Action Plan

  • Watch John Seely Brown on Motivating Learners (Big Thinkers Series) Fantastic video by John Seely Brown. He describes change and how people should embrace it. He describes a superstar surfer and three of his cohorts and gets to the core reasons why they are so good at what they do. Was it innate? No. Was it luck? No. Are they aliens? No. He gives his findings.
  • Read Presentation
    What makes these successful people like Winfrey, Jobs, Jordan and Hawking so special? Hawking’s teachers said he was average and wouldn’t amount to much. Jordan didn’t make the high school Basketball team. Job’s elementary school teacher used to bribe him to study and Winfrey grew up in rural poverty. Each one of them were curious and embraced challenges. Let’s dig a little deeper with this presentation.
Measure your progress OSI

Test your comprehension

Take the Quiz here. See if you can recognize Growth Mindset.



Print out this Goal sheet and apply the steps you have learned. File:Goal.pdf


Please proceed to the last section Lesson 4: How do you put Growth Mindset to practice to support your growth?

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