Lesson 4: How do you put Growth Mindset to practice to support your growth?


Lesson 4: How do you put Growth Mindset to practice to support your growth?

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Learners will identify best practices to support a Growth Mindset.


It's easy to align your thinking to a Growth Mindset. Follow the information listed below.

Action Plan

Time for Reflection

Here are examples educators can use to guide students to follow the Growth Mindset. These are also good for you to use in your personal and professional life.

Teachers can put this mindset to practice daily in their classrooms by following the table below. Print it out here... File:TeachersGrowth Strategies.pdf

Do Do not
Praise the process the student used for success not the student. Say to students that they are smart. Students will not choose challenging tasks to meet the unrealistic expectation this word represents.
Help students develop their goals. Set goals for them. Give students the autonomy they need to get chart a path to achieve the goal.
Instill in students that practice will improve their understanding. Move on to a different topic. Have students practice assignments outside of the classroom. Give them examples not found in the text book.
Guild students to be self-reflective. Forget to include a reflection component for students during class time.
Promote kindness in the classroom. Ignore blatant displays of disrespect. Focus on having students collaborate on projects together and diversify the groups.


You are at the end of the lesson. You have learned about the differences between a Fixed and Growth Mindset, the characteristics of a Growth Mindset, how you can develop a Growth Mindset and finally putting a Growth Mindset to practice to support your future learning. Dr. Dweck and many of the thought leaders of today are all in agreement that you have the power to achieve great things by having goals and taking steps to accomplish them. Where you live in the world, your environment or your lifestyle are not indicators to where you will end up in life.

Remember to utilize the lessons you learned today to guide you to a life of accomplishment. Educators can give provide their students with strategies found here to equip their students for lifelong learning. Success doesn't come easily and it certainly does not happen overnight. Every great thinker in history had goals they were striving for. Many of them failed to achieve their goals immediately but they never forgot that every step they took was a step closer to their goal.

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File:You did it!.pdf You have a Growth Mindset. Thank you for completing this course.

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