Lesson 3: How do the Character Strengths build community?



Given the article on the effects of positive psychology in schools, learners will be able to articulate at least one way the character strengths and the use of positive psychology can help build community.


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In this lesson, you will begin to put all the pieces together before completing the final project in Module 3. Now that we know about positive psychology, and general background on the Positivity Project, we will begin to think about how it can build a sense of community within the school or classroom. While reading the article in this lesson, try to picture implementing this with your own students or in your own school. Think about how it connects with the character strengths we learned about in the last two lessons. You will also review some of the data that has been collected on the program so far in its first few years.

To Do

Read- Martin article: File:Martin P2.pdf

Explore - review the [Impact page] on the Positivity Project Website. Be sure to click on the "See the Research" button to review data collected in their first year.

Discuss - Respond to questions in your own post then comment on at least one of your peers threads.

Discussion Questions

Review and respond to at least one of your peers. :

  1. How do you visualize the Positivity Project building community in your classroom or school?
  2. How do you think students will use the program throughout the day?

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Use your personal journal to reflect on what you have learned so far. These reflections in each lesson will help in working towards the final project in Module 3:

  • How do you see yourself using this in your classroom?
  • How do you think students will benefit from using this program?
  • Can you add to anything else you like about the Positivity Project?



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Martín, R. P. (2017). Psicología positiva en la escuela: Un cambio con raíces profundas. Papeles Del Psicólogo - Psychologist Papers, 37(1), 66. doi:10.23923/pap.psicol2017.2823

Walsh, T. (2017), February 09). The impact of the Positivity Project: Preliminary results of longitudinal assessment across Year One. [PowerPoint Slides]. Retrieved from https://posproject.org/impact/