Lesson 1: What could the Positivity Project look like in our school?



Learners will use information they have gathered about the Positivity Project to create a mock presentation to persuade administration to use in their schools.

To Do

Review- Rubric for final project File:P2 Final Project Rubric.pdf

Final Project Presentation - see description below

Project Description

Presentation Ex..jpg

For your final project, you will create a mock presentation as if you were persuading administration at at school to use the Positivity Project as the new character education program. You will use what you have learned through each module and your personal reflections at the end of each lesson, in addition to information you research on your own, to help contribute to the presentation. You may present the information in a few ways, but it must meet all the requirements highlighted in the rubric above.:

If you have any other suggestions of ways you would like to present the information or other platforms you would like to use, please reach out and we can discuss. You will turn in the project to our Google Classroom page under the assignment titled "Final Project Presentation".

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