Lesson 2: Why Do We Need to Implement Financial Literacy in High School?

Lesson 2: Why Must We Implement Financial Literacy in High School?

Opening Statements: During this lesson you are going to explore a case study done on collaboration within universities with academic libraries. I want you to address the level of awareness of undergraduate students and the findings that the study showed.

Reading: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZmgFcW1xco-AFJYwx-1gZVKJTFRk12PO/view?usp=sharing Leading the Way for Financial Literacy Education: A Case Study on Collaboration]

DO: Read the article and find a supplemental scholarly article of your choosing relating to the case study. Make note of all things that resonate with you. Prepare for a discussion with your peers.

DO: I want you to begin to consider final project ideas. You will be creating a project on a financial literacy topic that can be given and assessed to high school students. Some examples include, not limited to, purchasing a vehicle, home, renting an apartment, taxes, applying for loans... etc.

Discussion: For this discussion I want you to talk about why you feel learning about financial literacy prior to undergraduate is imperative, or not. I want you to summarize the scholarly article you chose, being sure that you relate it to the case study from this lesson. Make connections. Respond to two of your peers and all those that respond to you. Properly cite all references in APA format.

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