Lesson 2: Voicethread


VoiceThread is another Web 2.0 tool that allows students to collaborate in a unique way. Within VoiceThread, students have the ability to discuss a picture or document using a variety of methods. This exchange of knowledge allows students to reflect and share within a safe environment. Edtechteach (2013) says that within VoiceThread, teachers and students have the ability to create a virtual tour, give a report on a book they read, comment on photographs, debate a topic, and solve math problem. Not only can students share their own work, they can discuss a variety of topics or themes. The nature of the site allows students to use multiple ways in responding to their peers. There are five ways to comment on a VoiceThread post: computer microphone, text (by using the keyboard), telephone, audio file and webcam. (www.VoiceThread.com) Let's find out how VoiceThread can be used in your classroom!

Multiple file types can be used within Voicethread



1. Preview VoiceThread video clip to see what it is and how it is used within the classroom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr0wod6JZIU

2.VoiceThread allows for group conversations around images, documents and video. Take a moment to review the six steps that should be taken when creating a VoiceThread. The six steps are located in detail here: http://edtechvision.wikispaces.com/VoiceThread

Step 1 - Pre-plan

Step 2 - Prepare content

Step 3 - Prepare narration

Step 4 - Upload contents

Step 5 - Add comments

Step 6 - Evaluation/assessment

For each of the six steps, you need to record what you feel are the most important components that should be considered when completing each step. It is important that students have a plan of action when using VoiceThread. By using these steps in creating or responding to a VoiceThread, the content will go deep and be a valuable learning experience for students. -Using these steps sets students up for making the most of their experience. The more teachers and students use a systematic process in VoiceThread, the more beneficial their experience will be.

Now, lets set up an account!!!

Step by Step

1. Register and create a new account. Click on the following link: https://voicethread.com/register/?ReturnUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fvoicethread.com%2Fproducts%2Fk12%2Feducator%2F

2. Go to the “Create page” and make the VoiceThread by uploading images. Just follow the guided steps!

3. If you have a class, you can add each student by clicking on the “Identities” tab add a new identity for each student. Simply add a picture and name of each student you want to use. This will allow the “conversations” to be closed to your group only, if you choose.

4. When introducing VoiceThread to students, consider the 6 steps we talked about for a successful post!

2. Preview VoiceThread slides to see examples of how VoiceThread can be used within the classroom. http://vimeo.com/32856071

In reflection, how does VoiceThread encourage collaboration between students? Is there an additional use of VoiceThread that you can come up with to use in your own class? Discuss in small groups.

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