Lesson 3: Animoto


What is Animoto?

Animoto is a fun Web 2.0 tool that allows students to create movie-like presentations that incorporate images, text, music and video clips. Students can collaborate to make a presentation to advertise a book they read, creating a book trailer that could include a brief plot summary with pictures and music (see example below). Another idea would be for students to create a presentation to give information on a unit studied in class. The possibilities are endless! This Web 2.0 tool is easy to use and makes quick and professional-looking presentations. Basic accounts are free for educators and this tool will be sure to engage students. Having worked in schools that have used Animoto in school events, I can attest that students and staff were excited to see the presentations. Below in the "task," you will be able to see how Animoto is used, as well as how to set up your own account and get started!

-"Simply upload your pictures and video clips, choose your style, add words and music, and click the "produce video" button. Then, Animoto’s cinematic technology does its magic and in minutes brings it all to life with a beautifully orchestrated production you can share with family and friends." -http://animoto.com/about


Animoto can be used to give an animated book review.


1. Preview Animoto video clip to see an example of a book trailer that was made using Animoto: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab_K-zGJM7I&feature=youtu.be

2. Preview this Animoto tutorial to learn how to set up your account!. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bGSEwza5gc

3. Now that your account is set up, you can make your 30 second free Animoto movie. Simply sign in, choose which template you want to use and begin. (please note, as an Educator, you may qualify for a free Plus subscription. Simply sign up and apply for a classroom code).

4. To read more about Animoto and what they offer, click Here http://animoto.com/about

In reflection, what additional ideas can you come up with in working with Animoto? How does Animoto promote collaboration between students? Discuss in small groups.

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