Lesson 2: Interactive Content


The Gallery


What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is made up of thousands of templates, clip art, and even 3D pictures. There's also interactive and multimedia options, notebook files and pages, and backgrounds and themes to choose from. The Gallery is the place to go when you need to create activities, games, or simply interactive lessons.

[View this video to see some of the various options you have in the Gallery as an educator]

How to get to the Gallery:

Click the Gallery tab on side panel (image shown above). Once the Gallery image is selected, you will then see another panel with various options such as, My Content, Gallery Essentials, Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0, Lesson Activity Examples, and a few more. These folders become extremely important when looking to spice up your lessons.

What’s in Gallery Essentials?

There’s a list of educational and professional topics to choose from. Once chosen, in the second section below you’ll find that there are pictures, interactive/multimedia, notebook files/pages, and backgrounds/themes. Again, all of which are extremely useful in making your presentation engaging.

What’s in Activity Toolkit 2.0?

This is where the fun begins. You have activities, games, graphics, and much more. This folder is often used to create review games or even use an example lesson provided. The Activity Toolkit 2.0 folder is a place I'd suggest you dig deep!

SMART Exchange

What is SMART Exchange?


The SMART Exchange button in Notepad sends you directly to their website where you can collaborate with other educators. This is where you’ll find several thousands of premade lessons, activities, games, etc. that are free to use. You can also share your own creations on this website.

[Want to know more? Check here!]

What do you do once you get to the website?

Dive in! Begin by searching using a key word from your subject. You can browse by subject(s), grade(s), or file types. There are also top downloads, recently shared, teacher recommended resources, and new accredited software and content tiles.

[Click here to head to SMART Exchange]

Reflection Questions

Take a moment to reflect on this lesson and post your reflection in the Discussion tab on the top of the page.

  * What are your experiences with either of these, the Gallery or SMART Exchange?
  * How would you use each of these in your lessons?

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