Lesson 2: How does Positive Psychology relate to the Positivity Project?



Given the video and article, students will be able to explain how Positive Psychology plays a role in the Positivity Project.


Mike Erwin presenting at an elementary school

After reading about Positive Psychology in lesson, we will now explore how it relates to the Positivity Project. Mike Erwin is one of the founders of the Positivity Project and has been influenced greatly by many people in his life to inspire this project, but was struck by one of his college professors in particular. This lesson will feature a video from Mike Erwin of the Postivity Project and an article to help dig deeper into what it is all about. You will also have an opportunity to explore the Positivity Project Website before learning more about the actual program in the next Module. Please follow the "To Do" list below as you work through Module 1, Lesson 2.


To Do

Mike Erwin and Dr. Chris Peterson

Watch- Co-Founder Mike Erwin discuss Positive Psychology and the Positivity Project https://youtu.be/AEc2W8JVuRw


  1. Peak article: http://nationswell.com/positivity-project-good-values-great-citizens/

Explore- Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the Positivity Project website and navigate your way through tabs https://posproject.org/

Discuss - Respond to questions in your own post then comment on at least one of your peers threads.

Discussion Questions

Review and respond to at least one of your peers on our Google Classroom page. :

  1. What is the connection between Positive Psychology and the Positivity Project?


P2 Notebook.jpg

Use your personal journal to reflect on what you have learned so far. These reflections in each lesson will help in working towards the final project in Module 3:

  • What you have learned about Positive Psychology and the Positivity Project?
  • Can you add to anything else you like about the Positivity Project?



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