Lesson 1: The 24 Character Strengths



Given the information about the character strengths, students will identify at least 3 they think are most important for building community and explain why.

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Each week throughout the school year, one of the 24 character strengths is introduced. Some last two weeks and most of them are timed just right throughout the year. For example, gratitude is introduced around Thanksgiving and curiosity is introduced in the beginning of the school year. The idea is that students will identify with some of these character strengths and also be able to recognize which strengths their peers might have. They also begin to recognize which ones they do not have or could work on. Please follow the "To Do" list below as you work through Module 2, Lesson 1.

To Do

Read- Brief overview of the 24 Character Strengths from the [Positivity Project Website]


  1. How the character strengths have impacted one elementary school [The Power Of Character].
  2. How the Positivity Project is implemented [Implimenting the Positivity Project]

Explore- an example lesson for the first character strength of [curiosity].

Discuss - Respond to questions in your own post then comment on at least one of your peers threads.

Discussion Questions

Review and respond to at least one of your peers. :

  1. Which three character strengths do you feel are most important in helping to build a classroom community?
  2. Why do you think they are so important?
  3. Do you think there are any character strengths missing from the list? If so, which ones would you add?

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Use your personal journal to reflect on what you have learned so far. These reflections in each lesson will help in working towards the final project in Module 3:

  • What do you like about the character strengths or the way the lessons are set up?
  • What you have learned about Positive Psychology and the Positivity Project?
  • Can you add to anything else you like about the Positivity Project?



Course Home Page: The Positivity Project

Next Lesson: Lesson 2: What is your top Character Strength?


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