Lesson 2: How Can Financial Literacy be Implemented in the Classroom?

Lesson 2: How can financial literacy be implemented in the classroom?

Opening Statements: During this lesson I want you build on your foundational knowledge of financial literacy from the previous lesson and consider ways that it can be implemented in the classroom. I want you to consider ways that it can be taught across all subjects. The included article discusses a study done on the comparison of Korean and U.S. high school students and their financial understanding.

Reading: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u7RoC5KdzCmB9qbiiqSFIczdVRtegZcV/view?usp=sharing Comparison of Financial Literacy Between Korean and U.S. High School Students]

Video: 7 Financial Skills I Wished I Would Have Learned in High School https://youtu.be/bqWu2UmCV8A

DO: Read the article and watch the video. Make note of all things that resonate with you. Prepare for a discussion with your peers.

Discussion: What are some ways financial literacy can be implemented in a high school classroom? Try to think of ways where it can be taught in other subjects, not just mathematics or economics. Expand on your ideas. Respond to two peers & to all those that respond to you.

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