Lesson 2--Using Webpages

Specific Objectives

  • Students will be able to use an Internet search engine to locate websites
  • Students will be able to evaluate websites using a checklist

Required Materials

  • pencil/pen
  • notebooks/folders
  • computer/laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Smartboard
  • Website Checklist

Step by Step Prcedure

  • Explain that using the Internet to find webapages can be tricky for two big reasons, which we have previously discussed:
  1. Many, many pages are available
  2. Many, many different kinds of people and organizations post thing to the Internet regardless of expertise
  • Show an example using an internet search engine. Remind them that using a search engine is just like using a search box for databases or our own OPAC. For example, type dinosaur fossils into Google. You will be able to show the students that many, many pages are available to view. Now ask "How do we know which ones are the best?" "Would we even be able to look at all of these?" "Is there something we can do to help us navigate through ALL of this information?
  • Show them that a checklist can be used to help them wade through all the information. Explain that the more checks a website receives on the checklist the more likely the website is a reliable, credable site that will provide useful and valid information.
  • Go through one of the dinosaur fossil sites using the checklist to model how it is done. Explain any vocab that may not be understood and show where they may find each answer for each item on the checklist. Example, the author of the site is usually found either at the very top or the very bottom of the webiste.


  • Allow them to go to the computers and use Google (or your preferred search engine) to locate a website of their choice.
  • Using the checklist decide if the chosen site is worthwhile to use. Keep in mind the more checks on the checklist the better the site should be.
  • Have each student print out the site he/she viewed for this activity to attached to the completed Internet Checklist.
  • Have each student also add a small statement as to why they would use the site or why they would not, using the checklist to back up his/her statement.

Assessment Based on Objectives

Students will be assessed according the following rubric for Internet Evaluation. This rubric was created using RubiStar which can be found at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/.

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