Lesson 1: Why are Young Adults Indebted?

Lesson 1: Why are young adults indebted?

Opening Statements: I want you to consider the reasons why students are indebted. Most students are told that in order to get a good job, they'll have to go to college. Who is explaining to them the price they'll pay once they're done? How can we help this crisis?

Reading: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZtPO69RqitYSI-4dIUnyQHtB--JVkDoG/view?usp=sharing A Generation Indebted: Young Adult Debt across Three Cohorts]

Video: Eye on America Life & Debt: Millennials struggling under the burden of student loan debt https://youtu.be/KHquXGiTRTU

DO: Read the article and watch the video. Make note of all things that resonate with you. Prepare for a discussion with your peers.

DO: Finalize the topic you are choosing to do your project on.

Discussion: Why do you believe young adults are indebted? Provide reasons and make connections to material used throughout this course. Respond to two of your peers and all those who respond to you.

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