Lesson 1: Why Integrate technology in the Foreign Language Classroom


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Benefits of Technology in Education

When technology is integrated into the curriculum, it changes the learning process. Studies show that technology integration in the curriculum improves students' learning processes and outcomes. Students are engaged in their learning.

Discussion Questions

Lets begin by self-reflection to see where you are in integrating technology in your classroom. Please think about the following 3 questions and provide your answers in the discussion page

  • 1. Do you implement a variety of technology tools in your classroom? if so, which type
  • 2. Do you feel technology improves learning? why or why not
  • 3. If you aren't integrating technology in your classroom, what are the reasons?

When you have completed the above questions and posted your answers in the discussion page. You are ready to move on to the Lesson 1 Activity.

Discussion Page

Lesson 1 Activity