Lesson 1 Activity


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Bluearrowbullet.gifStep One-Video Activity

Watch the following short video A Vision of K-12 Students. We will be observing students expressing their need for engagement with technology in the classroom. Pay close attention to their message. You will be answering questions about the video after viewing it.

VIDEO: A Vision of K-12 Students today

Bluearrowbullet.gifVideo Reflection

  • After watching the video, think about how students are expressing their need for teachers to integrate technology into their learning.
  • Think about 3 reasons why its important for teachers to leave their traditional ways of teaching and move towards a 21st century classroom

You can respond to the question in the discussion page by clicking on the Discussion Tab below

Discussion Page

If you have completed the video activity move on to Step Two - Reading Activity

Bluearrowbullet.gifStep Two-Reading Activity

Consider the questions below while reading the information on the site.

  • List the 9 reasons of integrating technology in foreign language learning?
  • How does technology engage students in the foreign language classroom?

Click here to read about the 9 reasons

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