Lesson 1: The Basics


For the beginners, this is the place to start. The basics consist of editing tools, the screen capture tool, and lastly, the measuring tool. We have all worked with various editing tools whether we realize it or not; the words you're writing, pens you use, shapes and lines you doodle on your notes in which ever color you choose are all aspects of the editing tools found in SMART Board software.

Editing tools.png

Editing Tools



In the SMART Board software, the text symbol is a large ‘A’, underlined in red. As we all know, text can be varied by font, color, and size just as it is in Microsoft Word. The text allows you to create lessons before the class period, making writing clear for each and every student.

How to Use Text in Notepad

How to Edit Text


In the SMART Board software, the ‘Pens’ button is the image with three writing utensils (red marker, blue pen, green crayon). This gives you the chance to use your own writing on the board or have students come up to write their answers. This is beneficial for many reasons. You can use the highlighter to emphasize the importance of terms or use the creative pen to get your students excited about the lesson. There are multiple types of writing utensils to utilize during your lesson.


How to Change your Pen

How to Edit Writing Style

  • Pen: The pen has various colors to choose from along with various line styles and thicknesses.
  • Crayon: This too has various colors to choose from and thicknesses.
  • Highlighter: This comes in all colors and thickness as well.
  • Creative Pen: This pen has quite a few fun images used as lines with various thickness.
  • Shape Recognition Pen: This pen formulates a more defined line, image, or shape.


In the SMART Board software, you have options when it comes to shapes. There are shapes in general or regular shapes both of which are found to the right of the arrow button side-by-side. The difference between the general shapes and regular shapes is that regular shapes are essentially perfect; all angles are equal within the shape. The general shapes can be molded and formed to be short and thick or tall and skinny, however you prefer. These will become useful in geometry classes along with elementary and art classes.


How to Insert Shape

How to Adjust Shape Size

How to Edit Shape



In the SMART Board software, the ‘Lines’ button is located to the right of the ‘Text’ button. Once chosen, there are various options including but not limited to a ray, line segment, dotted line, two-way arrow, and curved lines. You can use these lines to connect two concepts, graph a line on a coordinate grid, or simply to underline something important. All of these lines have the option of changing color and thickness.

How to Edit Lines

Screen Capture Tool

This tool does exactly as it’s name reads; captures images of a screen. If there’s a problem you find on the internet that would be great for a quiz problem but can’t copy it, pull out the screen capture tool and take capture it. If you want to take exact problems from your notes and implement them in homework problems, capture the image with this tool, copy and paste it into a Microsoft Word document. This tool is a great asset to the SMART Board software.

There are 4 options once you click the ‘Screen Capture’ button that looks like a camera found at the top of the screen.

  • Area Capture: Takes a picture of the section on the screen that you’d like a copy of which is posted within the SMART Board software.
  • Full Screen Capture: Takes a picture of the entire screen and is posted within the SMART Board software.
  • Window Capture: When you have more than one window open, this highlights the entire window and once selected, the copy will be sent to the SMART Board software.
  • Freehand Capture: This allows you to essentially draw around the image you want to eliminate the background surrounding the image. Again, this image once chosen will appear on the SMART Board software.

Click here for a video sample of how to use the Screen Capture Tool in Notepad software

How to Capture an Image

How to Transfer Image to Another Document

Measuring Tools


These tools will often be used in math classes. Educators often can be limited when trying to show students how to use the particular tools during class. Thankfully, the Notepad software has included four very useful measuring tools. These four tools are used to teach larger groups of individuals at once, enhances lessons, and allows individuals to see how to physically use these tools on their given problems and never leaving the whiteboard.

  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Geodreieck
  • Compass
Measuring Tools.png

Click here to learn more about these measuring tools

Reflection Questions

Once you've taken a moment to think about the reflection questions below, head up to the Discussion tab at the top of the crease to post your thoughts.

  * Which editing tool do you find most beneficial?
  * What are your experiences with the Screen Capture or Measuring tools?
  * How would you use each of these in your lessons?

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