LESSON 1: Creative Writing and Teacher Education


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Lesson 1: Creative Writing and Teacher Education

Topic: Why creative writing is important and the gap in creative writing pedagogy

Objective: Use your journal to complete the following reflective projects.

Project 1

Let’s do some research on why creative writing is important. Watch the following TedTalk by Anthony Lishak, an author and a host of over 2000 creative writing workshops in schools.

Watch this video through fully, then go into your Unit 1 Journal and log your ideas about what this prominent writer has to say on creative writing and the importance of it in modern education.

Project 2

If your interest piqued while you were listening to Lishak, you are taking the right course. In order to highlight the barriers you face when it comes to including creative writing in your curriculum, go into your Unit 1 Journal and make a list of the things that stop you from introducing creative writing.

Is your list short? Is it long? Does it include not feeling supported by your district, or by the state-mandated curriculum? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Over 25 teachers were surveyed in the creation of this mini-course and all had responses that echoed yours. If creative writing is important, why are the gaps in modern pedagogy? As Sir Ken Robinson says in his TedTalk “Do schools kill creativity?” that now has over 57 million views, our education system was created in a time when America needed factory workers. This system hasn’t truly changed since then. All the students that came out of primary education needed to be able to think and act and create in roughly the same way. Modern pedagogy is slowly making way for the 21st century skills students now need that ask them to create, elaborate, and synthesize.

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