LESSON 2: Student Engagement and Its Importance


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Lesson 2: Student Engagement and Its Importance

Topic: The importance of student engagement and how to help students become engaged

Objective: Use your journal to complete the following reflective projects.

Project 1

As educators, we can attest that when students are engaged they tend to learn material and understand concepts better. For this first project, we will examine the importance of student engagement and peruse through some resources for increasing it in your classroom. Read page 99 in the Handbook of Research on Student Engagement to see “why engagement matters.” After this, using guiding questions of engagement created by Dr. Robert J. Mazano fill out the reflective table in your journal about how you succeed in thinking about the guiding question in your room, and how you could “grow” or the areas where you neglect these guiding questions. Feel free to use bullet points to loosely jot down your thoughts.

Project 2

After noting subject/curriculum areas where you struggle to increase student engagement, we will now look over some student engagement resources. Take time to look through this masterlist of student engagement activities and tips, and list a few (3-5) that spark your interest, or that you think a colleague could use. In your journal, create a list of the strategies/activities/tips either in digital form such as a bulleted list in the journal itself, or in physical form through the use of the printable minibook.

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