Kelli Zydel: Studying for Math


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Studying for Math

Purpose of the Course

Many times, students have a hard time studying for math. The purpose of this course is to equip teachers with a variety of resources that they can both utilize themselves and show their students so that the students are able to easily study. By the end of this class, students will learn cognitive strategies about creating worksheets, where to find videos and tutorials, and making and playing interactive games.

Performance Objectives

By the end of this mini-course students will be able to:

1. Locate valuable resources that will help their students study math and discuss what they found with their classmates.

2. Create worksheets, games, or videos that will benefit their students and demonstrate this ability by completing a final project.

3. Evaluate which resources will work best in their own classroom for their students.

4. Utilize these resources in their classroom.

Lesson 1: Creating and Using Worksheets

Worksheets are highly underused in terms of review. One of the best ways for students to learn math is repetition and practice. Worksheets are a way of providing that. In this lesson, students will learn where they can find a variety of pre-made worksheets that their students can use to practice. They will also be give tips on how to create their own review worksheets that will benefit their students.

Lesson 2:Using Games and Activities

Games and activities are easy ways to keep a class engaged. They grab students' attention and really allow them to participate in class. This lesson will allow students to explore a variety of game templates that they can utilize in their own classroom. Students will also be exposed to websites with review games embedded within them.

Lesson 3: Using Video and Web Tutorials

Videos are a good way to reinforce learning. They allow students to go back and replay concepts that they are struggling with and allow them to learn at their own pace. For this lesson, students will be watching videos on both YouTube and Khan Academy to find resources that they think would help their students. They will also be looking at the Animoto website where they can create their own video if they desire.

Final Project

Here is where you will find all of the information that you need in order to create your final project.


Your grade for this mini-course will be based upon two main things: your discussion participation and completion of a final project.


You must participate in the class discussion board after each lesson. There will be at least one or two discussion questions you must write about each time. Please put some time and thought into these posts. Feel free to include personal anecdotes, information you have found from other sources, etc. You must also respond to at least two of your classmates post for each topic.

Final Project:

For the final project in this class, you must create either a game or a video that you would utilize in your classroom in the future. You may use one of the resources I have shared with you, or you may use one of your own. These projects will then be shared with your classmates. You must also write a short one-page reflection on the project explaining your thoughts on these study tools in the classroom. Hopefully by the end of this course, you will have a lot of resources you can use in the future.

To find more information about the project, please see the final project page.